Pascale Pinot Noir is Shipping Again!

With winter behind us we are resuming our shipments across country.  Whether you live on the West Coast and are sending a present east or anywhere east of California and want a delivery, it can now be arranged without fear of damaging the wine with freezing temperatures en route.
We are getting wonderful feedback on the 2012 and 2013 vintages.  One of the rewarding parts of having a boutique vineyard is that we hear from people who buy our wine. Customers share their Valentine’s Day, birthday or other special event where they’ve had our wine and we hear their impressions.  

News of the Future:

This year California has received enough rain to erase the drought we’ve been experiencing for the last three years.  Pescadero Creek has becoming a rushing river.  The fields and the grass cover of the vineyard rows are the light chartreuse of early spring.  Stunning!