2013 Pascale Pinot Noir

2013 proved to be another exceptionally good year for growing pinot noir. Moderate winter rains ended well before bloom in what was to be the second year of California’s drought. Pescadero Creek Vineyard is blessed with a creek that runs through the property, a pond and a well thus guaranteeing an adequate water supply. Summer was unusual with fogless sunny days in May and June followed by a perfect July and August. As in much of Northern California, harvest occurred 2 weeks earlier than normal. With 2000 more vines planted in 2008-9 coming on line, this was our first year to surpass 100 cases in volume.

This vintage reflects the evolution of our wine making. We are shifting toward less new oak and a slightly less extractive process with shorter time in the barrel. We continue with whole clusters that include stems, seeds and tannins consistent with the Burgundian tradition.

The 2013 vintage, slightly lighter in color and weight, is more akin to the popular 2007 vintage. For many, this could well turn out to be your favorite. It should peak at 7-8 years. 55-65°F is the optimum serving temperature. Open 30 minutes to one hour before drinking and decant. 


Ian Cauble, Master Sommelier: 

“The 2013 is the best wine you have made so far for my palate. It is very refreshing and more age worthy. I detect cut stems, the green scent inside of a rose petal, a quality like fresh, wet, forest flowers. It shows as more feminine, lighter with red fruit, red cherry, light pomegranate and cranberry."

Harvest Notes:

Date: September 22 and 24, 2013

Brix at Harvest: 22.6 and 20.6

Ph: pH: 3.700 and 3.195

T/A: 0.575 and 0.801

Weight: 2.44 tons

Sales Information:

Amount Released: 100+ Cases

Availability: Library Wine