2012 Pascale Pinot Noir


The 2012 season followed a disastrous 2011 weather year for Northern California. Bloom-dissipating winds, late frost and the coldest summer on record led to sparse crops and poorly developed grapes across California’s vineyards. Yields were down 70%. Many vineyards found it uneconomic to harvest the meagre crop. Perhaps in compensation, 2012 was a picture perfect year. Rains ended early. Light winds and sunny days resulted in perfect clusters. Vintage 2012 is a beneficiary of these factors.

For fans of the 2009 vintage, the 2012 is very similar in taste and body. It is luscious, concentrated, and rich in style. Recall, the 2009 evolved as the best wine produced to that date. It and Vintage ‘07 found their way on to the wine lists of Michelin starred restaurants-- San Francisco’s Gary Denko’s and Napa’s Meadowood; it received favorable reviews from Napa’s Bill Harlan of Harlan Vineyards, the Sommeliers of New York’s Café Boulud among other admirers.

The 2012 Vintage is best drunk at 66-68°. Open 30 minutes to one hour before drinking. Decant.


Ian Cauble, Master Sommelier: 

“The 2012 is very dark, concentrated in color. Nicely structured. I taste dark fruits, blueberry, chocolate covered raspberries, tree bark, black tea, cherry and spices. It is a concentrated wine and will show well with food/roast beef. I expect it to hit its peak in 2018-2025."


Harvest Notes:

Date: October 8, 2012

Brix at Harvest: 23.9

Ph: pH: 3.32

Weight: 1.12 tons

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